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Harvey World Travel Blue Planet is committed to making your corporate travel a stress-free experience. We allow you to concentrate on business while we take care of the planning and implementation of your travel arrangements. We assure you of our constant support by always being on hand to assist you before and during your travels. Our ability to understand your needs guarantee that we are able to identify preferred options for you, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness as well as stress-free travel.

Corporate Business Profiling

By working closely with you, we are able to establish your frequent travel patterns, mix of domestic and international travel and your requirements such as hotels, rental cars and any other services.

We compile accurate profiles for each traveller including seat, travel class and any other specific preferences.  Additionally, we make note of frequent flyer details to ensure each booking is seamlessly completed with minimal effort.

Control of Your Travel Expenditure

Control of travel expenditure is crucial to any business and we do our best to offer you savings, wherever possible, by:

  • Offering exclusive fares we receive from major suppliers due to our relationship with them, which are normally well below published fares
  • Providing a choice of flights and airlines to achieve maximum savings
  • Developing and monitoring your travel policies
  • Applying for membership to relative airlines, hotels and car rental loyalty programmes companies to achieve maximum benefit from expenditure.
  • Recommending specific hotels and car rental services to reduce your travel expenditure.

Customer Service and Quality Control

Our priority is service excellence. We believe in offering personal and efficient service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our highly skilled and well-travelled consultants constanty undergo training to stay abreast of developments in the industry.

We are able to consistently maintain our high levels of service by:

  • Responding promptly to your calls
  • Confirming the status of your travel enquiry within 2 hours from time of booking, where possible
  • Monitoring your satisfaction levels quarterly to ensure that we continue to exceed your expectations

Customer Interaction

Working with your travel co-ordinator is important to ensure that your travel needs are met.  We can assist your travel booking staff by:

  • Providing a Travel Organisers Guide for correct procedures when making bookings and general information
  • Explaining discounted airfares; their terms and conditions.
  • Assisting in managing supplier loyalty programmes.
  • Offering destination and general product knowledge.
  • Meeting to introduce your account manager and consultants to you, to establish familiarity with our operation.

Customer Employee Benefits

You and your staff are able to make use of all our services:

  • Personal holidays
  • The most competitive rates for personal air travel and package holidays.
  • Regular newsletters that include special product offers and on occasion, posters and flyers for your company use.
  • The most cost-effective insurance cover.
  • Travel incentives towards staff productivity programme.

Corporate Social Investment

We focus on excellent corporate citizenship and empowerment. Central to this focus is the desire to be a part of creating economic stability and growth within South Africa and we have worked on numerous projects to ensure that these standards are met.

We continually strive to remove barriers that prevent an environment of networking and information sharing. We also assist companies to showcase their capabilities and attract investment and clients, while offering them support on all levels of market infiltration wherever possible.

Additionally, we actively support various charities within the community.

Why are we different?

The travel industry in South Africa is highly competitive so we are very proud of our extensive experience, knowledge and our particular areas of strength:

  • Our absolute passion for providing superior service and our ability to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients.
  • We meet and fulfill the necessary requirements of an Empowerment Company.
  • A diverse workforce
  • Flexibility.
  • Excellent turnaround times.
  • We are an owner-managed company and value our staff and clients highly.
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